Shisha Cube Briquette

We harvested our coconut shells in sustainable manner without any harm to palm trees, animal habitat, or the environment. We used tapioca starch to binded the charcoal briquette, which is 100% food grade product extracted from the root of the plant species Manihot Esculenta (Cassava).


Moisture 4%
Ash Content 2%
Ash Content
Volatile Metter 15%
Fixed Carbon 85%

Barbeque Briquette

We carried out the process of grinding the coconut charcoal with binder particle’s Tapioca Starch. After the process of mixing all these ingredients we do heating until 48 hours to make the best quality BBQ charcoal.

Moisture 6%
Ash Content 11%
Volatile Metter 16%
Fixed Carbon 67%

Lump Briquette

Made from any kind of woods such as Rambutant, Dukuh and Jungle trees. Best for BBQ at Restaurant for grilling food (Satay, Fish and Sea food, Meat, Pizza, Bread, etc) or any other purposes.

Moisture 7.25%
Ash Content 3.2%
Ash Content
Volatile Metter 17.7%
Fixed Carbon 76%